Many methods can be applied to discover, understand and preserve the complexity of relationships between the environment and its life forms.  Ultimately, the goal is to advocate the protection of living organisms and their habitats.  This knowledge is the only way to preserve the biodiversity of our world. 

  • Spreading the word

We know that with appropriate information well-informed decisions will result.  The more we understand about the diverse ecological systems, the easier it is to preserve them.

  • Minimize our impact on the environments we explore

Through experience and proper training we can limit our impact on the environment.  An example of this is preventing the destruction of speleothemes with our fins.

  • Respect for the organisms we encounter.  We are merely guests !

Always be conscious of the impact we have on the ecosystems in which we explore. Think about the lithotrophe bacteria that lives in caverns and feeds on certain minerals.  If this bacteria is displaced through contact to an area with low mineral levels, their survival is at risk. We are only as strong as our weakest link in our attempt to preserve, support and maintain these fragile ecosystems.

  • Involvement of each active member to reduce his/her environmental footprint. 

In day to day living every effort counts, hence : compost, reduce, reuse, recycle and in partnership we will take these efforts to the next level.


Duckweed, Orange Grove, Fl

Duckweed, Orange Grove, Fl